The Altitude Juniper hat is adjustable and features the DroneSeed logo on the front, and a tentree logo on a cork patch in the back.

Plant forests.

Look good. 

Help us accelerate wildfire reforestation with drones and receive a hat from our sustainable clothing partner, tentree. 

A one-time $34.00 purchase will plant 14 trees. Purchase as many hats as you'd like. 100% of proceeds from sales go directly to reforestation efforts. 

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Why DroneSeed?

Air Support

How fast can you plant 2 acres of trees? What takes a pro 8 hours can be done with a single drone in 90 minutes.

Team Work

Drones don’t work alone. Our field technician operates a “swarm” of 5 drones simultaneosuly.

Boldy Go

Post wildfire reforestation takes months, and even years. Drones can be deployed within 30 days.


Earlier this year, @DroneSeed became the first & only U.S. company to receive an #FAA waiver to use [heavy-lift] drone swarms. 

It’s not often in…tech startups that you find a group of people not just attempting to solve a serious problem but who have…done the dirty, boots-on-the-ground work that needs to happen.

We’ve worked with DroneSeed for several years. In 2018, we conducted our first live trials in Oregon, and the results were promising.

— Jacob Thiemens, Forest Area Manager for Hancock Forest Management

Partnering with tentree

DroneSeed has partnered with sustainable clothing company, tentree because we share key values. We’re both on a mission to plant trees and mitigate the worst effects of climate change. 

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We see a future where drones and people create forests together with nature

Wildfires have increased at an unsustainable rate. And nature's ability to regenerate forests is in sharp decline. 

The DroneSeed team has spent the past three years in the field spearheading this challenge. We're working for Nature Conservancy, and 3 of the 5 largest timber companies in the world. 


Our mission is to amplify nature's ability to grow trees.


With your help, DroneSeed will plant 1 million trees every 6 months by 2021. While doubling the amount of trees year after year.

Field technicians working with a “swarm” of 5 drones can accomplish reforesting 30 times faster than a human professional.

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